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Transvestite And Cross Dressing Sex FAQ

Men dressed as women (either for fun, punishment or sexual release) is something that has been going on since the world began. Here at Transvestite.CC we hope to provide some information and examples of this exciting lifestyle and invite you to read on:

What Is A Transvestite?

Well, Wikipedia's answer is rather dry and clinical: "Magnus Hirschfeld coined the term transvestism (from Latin trans-, "across, over" and vestitus, "dressed") to refer to the sexual interest in cross-dressing. He used it to describe persons who habitually and voluntarily wore clothes of the opposite sex. Hirschfeld's group of transvestites consisted of both males and females, with (physically) heterosexual, (physically) homosexual, bisexual, and asexual orientations." - but for our purposes, we'll just say simply that a "transvestite" is a man who enjoys dressing in female clothing, either for relaxation as well as sexual arousal.

Are Men That Like To Cross Dress Gay?

No, not at all. This is probably the greatest misunderstanding about transvestism and cross dressing. Their are many heterosexual men who dress as a woman but still enjoy sex with women. Many times a male child was dressed as a little girl by his mother and the habit has become a way to relax and feel comfortable as an adult. Frequently the man doesn't even leave the house, preferring to remain inside and enjoying his feminine attire in private. Of course, there ARE many men that like to cross dress and enjoy gay and bisexual sex with other men while dressed in ultra-feminine clothing. Many times they do so under the "control" of a dominant woman or Mistress. Often called "sissies" or "feminized males", these men are actually into a whole other fetish lifestyle that doesn't wholly center on cross dressing.

What Is A Feminized Male?

In the femdom (female domination) lifestyle, a "feminized male" is a man who is required to adopt a submissive sexual role and dress as a woman. The controlling woman (his wife, mother or Mistress) forces him to wear various articles of female clothing and be completely and totally obedient to her. He is often ridiculed and humiliated sexually along with being made to don women's apparel. Most men that have been feminized do so on a fairly willing basis, as the shame and humiliation inherent in the act is frequently highly sexually arousing and satisfying to the submissive male. Of course, there is such a thing as a husband's forced womanhood in which the male is being punished by the women for some wrong doing or bad behavior. In these cases, the idea of being feminized by a dominant female is seen as shameful and abhorrent in it's nature and can even serve as a basis for blackmail in extreme cases.

What is Sissy Maid Training?

"Sissy Maid Training" is a form of male forced feminization in which the feminized male is expected to dress and act as the maid for a powerful sexually dominant female or male master. The man is made to do house chores, fix meals and often sexually satisfy the guests and friends of the Mistress or Master. Often the act of having to become the submissive sexual "plaything" of another male, while dressed in maid's clothing, is held out as a particularly humiliating punishment to the freshly trained sissy maid. Many times rich and powerful women will hire a Mistress or Dominatrix who specializes in sissy maid training to punish and humiliate her husband thusly in order to keep him bound to her. It's a well known fact that many men in high positions of power in banking, oil and government are secret sissies beholden to their wives!

Where Can I Explore Transvestite, Cross Dressing And Feminized/Sissy Sex?

Fortunately we live in an era of openness about sexual mores and preferences, and with the adoption of the internet as a primary source of sexual information and education, there are many places where one can explore the world of transvetite, cross dressing, feminized males and sissy maid training sex and fetish. A few we may suggest are:

Sexy Transvestite Gallery - Pictures and text tell the story of a bisexual young man who enjoys transvestism and cross dressing on a daily basis explains his lifestyle choice and the surprising sexual encounters he has had.
Dominant Wife Transvestite Husband - A classic case of a dominant women making her husband cross dress and perform the submissive sexual role in their marriage.
Wives Sissy Training Husbands - Often married women decided to feminize their males and turn them into sissies and objects of amusement for other wives and male friends.
Pretty Boys In Dresses - Young boys who like to act as transvestite lovers to older and more sexually experienced men is nothing new, a scenario acted out many times throughout history.
My Cuckold Husband - Many times the act of male feminization is accompanied by the dominant wife forcing her husband to watch her cheat while he is cross dressed in various humiliating articles of female clothing.
Verbal Sissy Shame Humiliation Video - Sexually dominant young girls make their own small penis and sissy shame humiliation video for clients that enjoy the thrill of being scolded and taunted about their feminization or cross dressing.

It's no surprise that today many men are curious about the world of transvestism, feminization and sissy training, and we hope this site has provided some entertainment and education for you to explore this exciting and arousing world.

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